Friday, December 4, 2009

A Bit of Holiday Cheer

Today I went to see the Festival of Trees at the World Golf Village, which is a fund-raising silent auction. There were trees, wreaths, and other creations, and yes...even one quilt!
So here it is right away, and  the rest is tree stuff...just in case you don't have time to look at all of it!

The St. Augustine Piecemakers provided this charming retro-style Santa.
I was amused by the fact that a sign was needed so the people placing bids would know the stand is NOT included! Ah, the things we quilters have to go through...

This is a close-up of the very cute continuous-line quilting design of a train. I am sorry I don't have more details on this quilt to share!
And that's the last of the quilting in this post. For those readers who may be too busy with holiday plans to have time for any non-quilt related reading, you may be excused!
For the rest, here a couple of fun ideas:

Why not use up all those bits & pieces from the junk, I mean the Embellishments Collection, and glue them down in the shape of a tree? A Bible study group did!

Here's another done in a similar idea, made with some great vintage rhinestone jewelry!
What I was really there to see was the tree from Woodcraft, because my husband's woodturning club made most of the ornaments.

Really pretty...and plenty of catalogues to pick up! I did not check out the paper quality to see if these would make good Catalogue Quilts.

Personally I am not a big fan of the white Christmas tree, but it does show off the wooden ornaments very well! Some are made with a sea urchin shell in place of the wood globe. My husband makes the wood globe ones with hollow forms, so they are very light weight.

These are two of his favorite small ornaments: a little angel and a spiral tree, each about 2" tall.
Of course we voted forthis one as the favorite tree, but there were many more!
Most had a theme like Seashells or something traditional. There was one with motorcycles all over. This one was truly different:

A real estate office provided this....Santa (as a tree) taking his leisure on the chaise lounge, Florida style!
And then there was something many of us could use....

A tree that is OK for the cat to climb! No doubt the people from this vet clinic have many fond holiday memories of a kitty going right up to the top!
Now this last one...well, all I can say is, I hope you also enjoy the fact that it was sponsored by the La Leche League!

I haven't done a speck of decorating yet this year, so this weekend I'd better get out the Christmas Quilts and toss them around.
It works like a dream...Instant Decoration!

I hope to be back soon with Catalogue Quilt Part II: How Mrs. Starbucks Came to the Rescue!

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