Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snap Happy bags

It's good to have a friend to blame things on...this is Mrs. Starbuck's "fault".
We saw the cutest little set of  bags in a quilt shop, and she said she had the pattern at off we went and started cutting & sewing!
Yesterday morning I innocently started making a simple needle case to include in a gift, and the next thing I knew, I was digging in my batiks and making these:
This is the Snap Happy bag, and I can't tell you exactly how to make it , as there is a pattern (with 3 sizes). The Stitchin' Sisters in Fall Creek, WI, are the authors, but there is no website....probbaly you can find it in a quilt shop, it's been out for at least a year. NOTE: please find this pattern at
The "snap" part is that the top edge is held together with pieces of metal carpenter's measuring tape inside the casings. Chances are good your husband or someone has a broken one in the garage!
I used up one my husband gave me, and actually bought another!
The instructions warn you to lock the tape as you cut it, or it will retract inside forever.
I just cut to the chase and opened the thing up...guess what?
There is a big metal spring inside that just might pop right out in your face.
I'm just sayin'......

Anyway, these were tons of fun and can really be made any size you like. I made the small size, which is about 4" x 6" as you see them. The directions have a handle loop coming from the casing, but I just added a loop inside as I sewed them. That way, the handle can come out to go over your wrist, or be tucked inside if you just want a change purse.

Tomorrow I really will have a picture of the finished top from the Catalogue Quilt, and tell you how Mrs. Starbucks saved the day!

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Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

The bags are great and the magnetic closure is such a good idea. Thanks for the advance warning on the spring:)