Thursday, January 7, 2010

Resolutions Already Unravelled!

Just like going on a diet and worrying about when will you finally eat a candy bar, New Years resolutions create a sense of forboding. Just how long will they last?
Well, I got all that anxiety over with immediately by totally blowing every good intention!
At the end of December I was committed to starting the New Year with a clean desk.
This is the result:

At least I have a nice hot cup of coffee. And an Internet connection.
Sometimes I just set a goal of getting rid of one Post-It note.
Then 2 more take its place!
Alright...what about that traditional Clean Up the Studio/ Sewing Room on New Year's Day that I have posted about in previous years?
That's right:

A complete shambles!
That 3-D Christmas piece on the design wall is one of my Mother's UFOs. She passed away six years ago, and I did not finish it this year....things are not looking so good here!
Yet what do I see? A cheerful, colorful new plastic item!

Nothing says "Hope for the New Year" like a new plastic container! As though purchasing organized storage really will solve my problems...yet, it does provide a momentary thrill, and costs less than a pair of shoes.
This little fella came from the Dollar Tree. I think it would like to sit near my sewing machine, or maybe on the cutting table, and collect a particular sort of scrap...maybe batiks!

Since I wasted no time in throwing away all my resolutions, I was free to go fabric shopping, which is really the best thing to do for the New Year. And there's a new quilt shop in town!
It called Ladybug Quilt Shop, and is conveniently located all the way across town...but close to my car dealer! I have to go there for oil changes until I "earn" my free set of new tires, so a fabric fix on the return trip will be just what the doctor ordered!
I got some nice fabric:

Periwinkle Fairy Frost!

I love reverse-values of black and white prints!

Ummm...not the best pic of this batik. Cherry-Cherry challenged me if I couldn't use it right away she would take it. So I used it for the background in the Mystery Quilt I just designed!

Cherry-Cherry bought this fabric. (I said I thought I already had some, and indeed I do. So I took this picture!) Watch for a future post on using Inktense pencils with this sort of print.
I bought one more fabric, which CC just hates (so scroll down really fast, CC!):
Can you believe this?
Yes, it is SKUNKS! I could not resist, because my sister once had a pet skunk. ...Spunk the Skunk.
Just be glad I do not know how to embed YouTubes, or I am sure there would be one of Louden Wainwright here, singing  "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road", one of his finest recordings.

It's cold here in Florida (and everywhere else, too, in this hemisphere!) and I think I should end on a happier note, and especially a prettier picture:

Sweet, sweet Shayla, who has been enjoying the batik catnip bags I made for her. I thought the tightly woven batik would hold up to teeth & claws...
I was wrong!
Next time I'm using two layers!
Despite my continuous lack of sticking to any resolutions, it has been a good year so far...already one top made!..and I am looking forward to a wonderful time in this new decade, quilting 24/7!

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Anonymous said...

Spunk the skunk! LOL!!!!!

And Shayla is indeed beautiful!

Happy New Year, Sunnie! Happy New Year, Shayla!

My one resolution was to spend less time surfing the Internet. As you can see by this mid-day post, I'm not doing so great at it. But I will keep trying.

The Mysterious Ms. E.