Sunday, August 23, 2009

WELSH Quilting

Thanks to the Mysterious Ms. E for correcting my error. I am being inspired by WELSH quilting designs!
What could be more embarassing than to celebrate my heritage by using the wrong name, especially when I do know the difference!
Here's my bibliography, so you can enjoy these wonderful resources, too:

Jenkins and Calridge (2005) Making Welsh Quilt: the Textile Tradition That Inspired the Amish? KP Books, Iola, WI. Nice color pictures, history, plenty of good examples with diagrams.

Rae, Janet (1987) The Quilts of the British Isles Bellow Publishing Co. Ltd., London. Don't skip the old books, they are real treasures! This one has good photos and also gives a wider history and difference among the styles.

Horton, Marjorie (1999) Welsh Quilting Patter & Design Book Self-published by Marjorie Horton, Rainier, WA. This is the best, but you'll have to search for it. Mine is bound with a plastic comb. It has wonderful digrams and shows how to draft out the whole-cloth designs that are the true Welsh quilts.

And you must visit these websites:

I am just free-handing sketching and stitching motifs. The eventual goal is to make a very traditional Welsh quilt someday.Here's the "Welsh pear" or paisley as we often know it. You can see the remnants of the chalk out line I drew. Many of the these designs are shapes that are outlined with a double line (heart, leaf, pear), then filled with smaller traditional shapes.

This is all the marking I'll do. The leaves only have a vein marked so I'd get the spacing.
I don't know how this will be filled in until I start doing it.
I did start right after this photo, but ran out of thread!

I ran out because I was going back to do a lot of filler meandering in the borders: It's Cherry-Cherry's fault, for saying an un-quilted border on someone else's quilt was "Sunnie style".
It's good to have friends to blame things on. I am sure CC has plenty to blame on me!
At any rate, this quilt will be done soon, and then it's on the The Black T-Shirt Quilt!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, another book about Welsh quilting! Gotta have it! (sidesteps
over to Amazon...)

Around a dozen years ago I did a library search for anything and
everything I could find about Welsh quilting after seeing an article
about it in a compilation of quilting techniques in "Threads" magazine,
and I even photocopied some pages from books that were out of print.
And I sent away for -- and received -- a catalog from an exhibit of
quilts at the Welsh Heritage Museum in Wales.

I thought I had ordered the Marjorie Horton book some while ago, but I
don't find it on any of my shelves. Hmm.

How about if we (try to remember to) bring all our Welsh quilting
references to retreat in November, and we can ooh and ahh over them

Ms. E.