Monday, August 3, 2009

Florida Quilt Shops: Suwanee Valley Quilt Shop

The Suwanee Valley Quilt Shop is located in Trenton, FL and well worth a side trip as you are cruising down the state on I-75! The building is a beautifully refurbished 1925 coca-Cola bottling plant.
Besides loads of gorgeous fabric, there is the Suwanee Rose Cafe to have lunch (desserts to die for!), friendly staff, and all sorts of notions.

If you're travelling with non-quilters, they might enjoy the other nearby shops with stained glass, cross-stitch and scrapbooking.
You just know this has to be good when you see a fabulous quilt as soon as you walk in the door!
The cafe is located first, so already you're thinking about a nice pause for lunch....
which they will combine with the bill for your other purchases, if you like.
Next to fabric, we all need books! There's a whole room devoted to them...and a place to sit for awhile (or park someone else...?)
Another important room that many quilters need to see as soon as they arrive is the ladies room. No mistaking where it is here!
Just a peek inside...old fashion comfort, with very amusing art on the wall. The main theme seems to be dogs and why they are superior to a large part of the human race!
Time to start taking in all the delights of this place. It's a spacious and well organized shop, even though it covers a lot of square footage.
One of the shop's best attractions is this handsome parrot, Sonny. He can do some very talented vocal work, when he wants. His spacious cage is in an area right by the fabric and some comfortable seating, making another great "parking area" for those who are weary or not so interested in the latest oriental prints & batiks.
One of two large cutting tables...oh, yeah, I could work at this shop!
I must have some Black and Whites! What a fine selection. And I highly reccomend the black-on-black prints when you find them. Deep and textural, they have nothing in common with the "white-on-white" fabrics. The B-o-Bs don't have that painted on, gum up the needle effect.
Hands off my stash!
This is really a group pile, but you know how it is...friends can have as much as they want, after your order has been cut!
Down a hallway from the cafe, impossible to's the Fabric Sale Room!
And yes, I did find something in there I had to have.

WHAT I BOUGHT:A good candidate for the coffee curtains project, this is from Windham's Baltimore Album line.

This Fairy Frost is actually pale green. The cherries are a Wilmington Prints piece.

Ah....purple batik! And the ferns on purple background are real batik, too! batiks! The center one has loads of tiny turquoise dots. I am writing this only a week later and I have used up the dots already!

I am working on yet another Mystery Quilt class, and the shop posts are not getting done very quickly!
But the next one is Rainbow's End and then the show at the Dunedin Arts Center.
You know what they many quilts, so little time!


Pat said...

Oh how wonderful, a quilt shop that has lunch and wonderful desserts. One would never have to leave until one runs out of money! LOL

Irishgirlsews said...

Great shop & great pictures too. I love all the black & white fabrics. I may have to make a trip and check it out. Thanks