Friday, August 28, 2009

Seaside Piecemakers Mystery is solved!

I had a wonderful time in Satellite Beach with the Seaside Piecemakers!
This guild is 300 members strong. Visit them at their website to learn all about their many charity and other activities.
They have a quilt show next year on March 12 & 13...and don't miss their fabulous opportunity quilt!

The day started with "Taming the Scrap Basket", and I am happy to say nobody passed out when I revealed the quilt top I have to keep hidden in a bag during the lecture. Not all scrap quilts are pretty!
After lunch, we started into the Mystery Quilt I designed with a seaside theme and named "Shining Sea".

Here it is at home on my design wall...a block for the sky, a block for the sea and another for the beach. The sun is paper-pieced with strips.
But wait!
There's more!
This is the most unusual quilt I have ever designed for a Mystery Quilt class, because it has TWO SIDES!
Here is the other side....

These are planned to be opposite sides of the quilt and with careful basting are quilted together (these photos are the unquilted tops, though).

Originally this was designed as a huge quilt with the Sun on one end and the Moon on the other, then dropped down to a baby quilt size, then ended up 2-sided. WHEW!
The class included very brave quilters from beginners to experienced, and they worked hard to make the blocks without having any idea at all what they were making!
In the end, all came out fine, and I am looking forward to seeing some completed quilts.

I especially liked all the ideas they had for making their own creative will be made a bit smaller and done as two separate pieces, others were planning some wonderful applique additions.

This one definitely wants to be a pattern, which will also have the large one-side quilt design directions.

I should have had more pictures, but instead of being in my purse, the camera was riding around in my husband's car! It was hiding in the glove compartment, where I had to stash it before going into the Crosby, Stills & Nash concert last week. concert pics and no class pics, either!
I suppose this is why there are cameras in cell phones. Except mine.

But don't worry....the camera is back by my side, and ready to take you through the Big Quilt Show (QuiltFest) again this year. Things will be starting up on Sept. 12 with Take-In Day. If I'm careful, I may be able to take some photos at judging, and of course you'll get to see set up, the show & take down!
Meanwhile....I still have two quilts to finish!

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Pat said...

I really like this quilt, Sunnie. It sure conveys morning and night at the beach with your selection of fabric. Seeing as it's double-sided, what thread colors will you be using for the quilting?