Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quilters Flea Market & Tag Sale, part 3

Time for the sale to begin!
The crafters came in and filled their spaces, cleverly arranging tables into attractive sales spaces.

There were childern's items, woodworking crafts, and lots of beautiful jewelry.
Here is a really colorful display:

Time to get ready for wool applique! I believe it will be the guild's program for September, and a chance for me to make a small item.
I love this sort of thing, yet never get a project together.
Never miss an opportunity to sell raffle tickets, either!
This year's quilt has such sparkly clean primary colors, everyone just has to get some chances.
Tip for Quilt Photogs: remember to remove all plasctic containers and lids before snapping the picture!
Really, it's amazing how many times a serious photo is ruined because your eye has "edited out" a distraction. It's important to look carefully all around the edge of the quilt before snapping the shutter. (OK, do as I say, not as I do!)
It's also good to be sure you are directly straight in front of the quilt.

Let's go see Cherry Cherry's table!
She had really cute little the kind you need for inside your purse!...and also some great bags made to hold the long mini-irons that work so well in classes.
Sorry I didn't get a shot of the little art quilts in the back. They are little gems!
Meanwhile, back at the BGPC table, the assorted stuff was moving slowly and I did have to take a lot home.
TC has been on a clean-out lately and had the best bargains. This Bow Tie quilt? It's a tied Tie! But it was only$5! And the featherweight sitting atop it was going for $200...complete with case, bobbins, & lots of attachments (not to mention the booklet).
Nobody purchased that (contact me if you are interested!) but the green machine did only $20 (eat your heart out, eBayers!) It's an Elna Supermatic, with all the fancy stitch discs those 50's machines used to have! Again, good running condition and all the attachments, which includes a knee lift bar and the case slides up around the free arm to make a flat sewing surface! All those features we are looking for today were ahead of their time for this machine.

How do I know so much about it? I have an Elna Grasshopper, which is even brighter green, and is the "featherweight" version of the Supermatic!
I wouldn't let that go for 10x the price this machine got...a very lucky & astute person knew exactly what she was getting....a giant bargain!

Well, that's how it goes at the yard sale/ tag sale/etc. We can only assume everyone was happy with their transactions, and wish there might have been even more!

For those who didn't sell quilts, we have more opportunities yet.
QuiltFest (September 24--26) has a sale area for the members, and if you are in the market for a quilt, you will not find a greater display!
Before that, on August 17 at our general meeting, the All Stars will show off what they are selling so guild members can get first look.
Oh, yes...those matching Tulip Quilts and the brown Log Cabin you saw in the last post have gone on to lucky homes already!


Pat said...

I love wool applique. No need to turn under those edges. Sure looks like you had quite the variety of items for sale. Hope people bought as well as looked.

Meggie said...

It all looks lovely. I note your pics wont enlarge on clicking? Do you move them after posting- this causes them to remain small. I upload, then write around the pic, if it has not loaded in the order I wished! Just a thought, as I would have loved closer views of the tables.
Thanks for the post, I enjoyed seeing it all.