Friday, July 24, 2009

Quilters Flea Market & Tag Sale, part 1

It's time for a quilt guild fund-raiser, and what could be better than a sale of quilt/ craft/sewing related items?
This will be tomorrow, a Saturday, so the public can come and help us out with a few dollars...though it is true, we quilters are usually our best customers! I know we'll making lots of pre-sale sales as we get things set up today.
(Local friends: it's 1.5 miles south of I-295 on San Jose Blvd!8 am to 2 pm).

As soon as something like this is announced I start getting "bring the van" phone calls!

Much of this came from someone's dear-departed family member...when I get that call, I just take everything and sort it out myself. If you are not a quilter/crafter, etc. you just cannot cope with all the remains of a sewing room.
Has this changed my feelings about how much "stuff" I will leave behind?
Heck, no!

Let's take a closer peek...I know you want to see what's in there... may have to wait for Part 2 of this post!
Do note on the left side there, I am bringing all my collection of gift bags ("too pretty to throw away!") and will use them to bag any sales I am making. Just a nice bonus, and a win-win.
I may not be getting rid of tons of my own stuff, but occaisionally I do have to whittle out some roon for new acquisions!

Tables were rented out to various people for this sale. I have a table for the combined goods of the BGPC, and the guild is having it's own table of donated items.

Crafters were invited to sell their creations, and we ended up with more of them than people having tag sales!
(Don't you just love all the names for these sort of events? Tag sales, yard sale, garage sale, flea market...I like the English version "jumble sale"....very descriptive of the mess involved! But what treasures to be found!) (dangerous territory for a pack rat such as myself...)
The crafters will be in a large separate room, so their goods will make a nicer showing than in with the assorted junk. Or perhaps "junque"!

And who has a craft table but our very own Cherry-Cherry! I'll get a pic of it in all it's glory with the special small bags she made.
Meanwhile, here's a photo of one of many quilts she'll also be offering.

Fun fun fun!

And now to head over to the church building where the sale will be... set up today, sale tomorrow!

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