Thursday, July 16, 2009

Over the Rainbow quilt shop & farm!

No matter where I go, there is usually fabric to be found...and what a find this was!
Over the Rainbow is an Internet business, but if you're going to be in the Camano Island area (about an hour north of Seattle, WA) and give her a call, Laura Van Divier may tell you it's fine to come on over to the farm and visit the barn-full of fabric...not to mention the assortment of alpacas and other animals!

Park right in front and come on in the barn at the end of the driveway!

With a wedding only two weeks away, Laura was quite busy, as was the staff of three (or more?) who were whacking away at bolt after bolt, filling orders and stacking the bags to be mailed.
We were given free rein of the barn and loft. The fabric is organized according to manufactor, and as you can see, this IS a work place, not the cute LQS....
but oh, what a fabulous amount of fabric!
The shelves in the center are filled with orders bagged and ready to go out

These ladies all know where everything is, and requested that if we pulled a bolt out to get a better look, please just lean it against the shelf, and they would put it back!
Yes, this place is organized like a library, and I had no desire to mess up the system!
That's my purse and bag o' fabric on the cutting table
...never finished shopping until I'm in the car!

I wish there had been more time to visit, but Laura was quite involved in getting the day's work done so she could move on to family matters. That's what running a business is all about!
Yet, small world that it is, I discovered she is good friends with Jo H., mother (and often fellow fabric shopper) of the non-quilter friend I was visiting!
(hey, Jo! How about that trip we took to the Vermont Quilt Festival back when you lived on that side of the country????)
Were you looking for some fruit fabric???
On this trip I had long-time friend Sandy and her beautiful daughter Martha with me, both avid fabricholics of the theatre, clothing & crafting kind. They were digging up some interesting colors & patterns.

Surely there is some coffee fabric in there...

I was looking for...and found...some coffee inspired pieces towards the kitchen curtains for my sister. Note that is "towards", meaning I don't know exactly what I'm going to do yet!
But what you really want to know is, what did I buy?
Well, here it is:
Red Batik! Gotta get some whenever I see a good nice bright one.

Purple batik! Because I LOVE it!

Gotta have the Black & Whites, too. This piece and the next three are Kaufman's "Day & Night".These sunflowers want to be loved by the Inktense pencils, don't you think???

This is so beautiful, I was truly amazed. The leaves are about 3", so it is a very large print.

I like a B&W print that reads mostly one or the other...this is a yummy black with banana leaves.

"Jumpin' Java" by Clothworks has a great little gold-ish swirl all through the background.

Moda has to be producing the greatest number of popular fabric lines right now!
Here's a panel from their "Bistro" line, and below is coffee cups from the same line:These have a very interesting wooden feeling!

What is life without dessert....especially PIE? This put me in mind of the BGPC!
Stay tuned for the next post, when I will show a picture of The Best Pie Ever as it was being made!
It's always time for cherry fabric! Over the Rainbow had more than I have ever seen, and I had to go with just a few, despite an incredible range of colorways! The one above is from Mary Engelbreit's "Recipe for Friendship". It is different from a similar one several years ago. I would highly reccommenbd checking into this line if you are a Cherry Lover!

Yes, there's is Moda's "Berry Delicious" and last but not quite least is....

Moda's "Oh-Cherry-Oh", my favorite being this one with tiny teal dots...I took the end of the bolt!
I would like to show you the jellyroll I bought, because it has all the Oh-Cherry-Oh prints, but I didn't get a picture before I gave it away...I bet you can guess who got it!

Do visit (please note NO "the" in the address!). You'll love Laura's huge fabric selection, the newsletter with tales of the animals on the farm, and especially her sales and fair shipping policies!
I hope to visit again some day and get a tour of all the livestock & various animal friends.


Pat said...

What an interesting non-LQS. Such great fabric finds. I enjoyed looking at Over the Rainbow's website. Thanks for sharing with us Sunnie.

Anonymous said...

All the fabrics you got are even more beautiful in hand!!! I was very pleased with the order i received from Laura -- it's so nice to deal with someone who provides great customer service.

I am LOVIN' that Oh Cherry Oh jelly roll!!!