Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quilters' Flea Market & Tag Sale, part 2

Fund-raising time for the guild usually involves cleaning out the sewing room/studio, and this year's event included renting table space to non-member crafters as well!
With two connecting rooms available, on became the Flea Market and the other for you see the set-up in progress:

Guild members who came to help got first choice of spaces and were able to get everything ready on Friday. The remaining people came at 7 AM on Saturday before the sale.

Some of the All Stars are experienced crafters and had lots of items, plus the equipment to make a professional display.

The rest just used tables or were trying to do heavy-duty stash-reduction!
Above are two members who put their tables together...they looked like they were setting up a real shop, with loads of fabric, gadgets and patterns. It was very attractive, and they sold enough to go to Paducah next year!
Others, such as the booth below, just piled as much on as "artistically" as possible:
Yes, that's the BGPC table, yours truly as the set-up, sales and take down crew!
I am really glad I did not have to do all that first thing in the morning!

The guild had plenty of donations for its own double table space, plus a few quilts along the wall.
The Plan: everything would go half-price at the last 1/2 hour, and anything left (except fabric we can use for charity projects) would be bagged up and taken to Goodwill!
Of course there was a bake sale, too! It was handled by Rita, who I trust had the self control to be in such close proximity to those goodies for an extended period of time.
Once all was in place, and thanks to several family members who provided much-needed muscle, we all went home to spend a sleepless night. It seems nobody can get a good sleep when they know they have to get up early!

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