Sunday, April 26, 2009

Florida Quilt Shops: Quilter's Cove

You may find yourself in Orlando, FL, wondering, "Where can I go for a good fabric fix???"
I enjoy visiting Quilter's Cove, so conveniently located a few miles from Mrs. Starbucks house! (it was even closer, but the new & larger space is just wonderfu!)
The QuiltMobile may have an internal GPS for fabric! Or is it me???

This is a bright and airy shop, with lots of space to wander around getting a good view of the fabric, patterns & notions.

If you're looking for seaside inspired fabric, this is a good place to go.
Of course, there is a great selection of batiks, can guess what I bought! Not to mention the color of thread I could not find elsewhere.
They also have an extensive collection of bag patterns, which quilters are still sewing like crazy!

Who wouldn't want to come in here and take a class or just sew away from home for a few hours? Mrs. Starbucks likes to come here when she needs to concentrate on a project.
They are open seven days per week!
Be sure to visit the Quilter's Cove website:

There are several other shops named Quilter's Cove across the country...I guess the idea of a safe harbor really appeals to all of us!
Let me know if you have "dropped anchor" (or major bucks!) at any of them!

Personal note to Mrs. S: and how many new projects did you dream up in Paducah???...oops...sorry, I am not supposed to whine! Hope everyone had a wonderful time there! I also hope the show stays in Paducah next year!

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