Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fabric Shopping at Stepping Stones

Drive across state lines for the purpose of Fabric Shopping?
You bet!
Let's go to one of my favorite places, Stepping Stones Quilts on St. Simons Island, GA! Located around the back of the airport, you'll be glad you made the drive!

Shop owner Connie Vaghtborg has every fabric you could need or want...ocean themes, airplanes, Aunt Gracie, Jinny Beyer...but most of all, fabulous batiks!There were so many gorgeous bolts...they were taking over the shop! They were going up and down the ladder, stacking up along and around the cutting table, and the blue ones had even taken over an actual shelving unit!
This is definitely the place to go for batiks.

Of course, Cherry-Cherry came along for this excursion into Fabriholic Paradise.
She was take with the many shadings of the Jinny Beyer collection.....

...and had a good time selecting bolts in a great color-run of blue through green, with a touch of purple, all inspired by a border stripe fabric.
She wisely added a few bolts of non-Beyer fabric for texture/print contrast.
Sorry I didn't get a picture of all the bolts layed out on the classroom floor! This just half of the classroom...and one of two 50% off racks filled with good stuff!

Connie's husband Chris is the Featherweight guy of the Southeast! He fixes them and sells them and even has parts...so
contact Chris if you need some Featherweight assistance.
I need to get back up there when he teaches the Featherweight maintainence class!

OK, I know you are wondering, "What did Sunnie buy???"
Why, thank you for asking! How about these?I don't know either, but it was on the 50% off rack! (a Timeless Treasures fabric)

Just when you thinkthe fruit/ veggie craze has passed, somebody comes out with another fabulous collection! These carrots were just too beautiful to resist.
(another by Timeless Treasures)

Someday I will get around to the polka-dot quilt I have been collecting fabrics for! This one is "Woodstock by Isadora Phoenix" from Benartex.
And now...what you've been waiting for....the batiks!
The motif is like trees, and the color is more tealish than it appears here...but still dark!

This is the one I kept going back to, so I had to have some!
And to finish it off, a little Fat Quarter frenzy for dessert:

Yumm, yum...the second from the left was fabulous beyond compare, which means I got the last fat quarter in the shop and the bolt was loooooooooooooooong gone!

Well, that was fun!
I am looking forward to seeing what my friends brought home from Paducah.
Meanwhile, it's back to the usual: designing a
Personalized Mystery Quilt (you can see it in August, after the Seaside Piecemakers have at it!). Which reminds me, I have to show you the "Stars of the Quilt Show" Mystery Quilt from Space Coast Quilters!
Look for that tomorrow!


meggie said...

You got some really nice goodies!! Those batiks are lovely.

Pat said...

I love that beautiful green in the last pic! I'm in my "green phase" now and would have bought that, too.