Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not in Paducah & Not Whining!

My trip to Paducah had to be called off, and since I promised you I wouldn't be whining about NOT going this year (as I did last year)....I just kept quiet for a while! No Waffle House pictures, either, as the Waffle Houses around here have closed.

MEANWHILE, this is what has kept me busy:
As I told so many friends, "If I can't go to Paducah, I'm getting a cat!"
It's been a year since Wizard had to be put to sleep. He had 18 wonderful years with us.
I really need to have a cat, so off to the animal shelter I went, with my cat-loving son along to help look for the right kitty.
Did you know they have websites with photos of all the animals ready for adoption?
It sort of felt like a "kitty dating service" to look at all of them! I wouldn't choose a new friend that way, but I knew there were several cats I'd like to meet.
They had many fabulous cats there, including some handsome large males. But I wanted a grey striped female.
The photo above is my new friend's "mug shot" with her shelter name.
Her new name is Shayla, and she's a sweetie!
She's taken up residence behind the bathtub, but is willing to come out when called.

She gets braver every day. Soon she will be running the entire house, as most cats do.

I know not everyone likes cats, and this will be the last post exclusively about Shayla...
but you can be sure she'll start to show up regularly in pictures from the studio...once she has found her way upstairs!
I've been neglecting Patchwork Pie due to some other activities, besides getting a new cat.
Stay tuned as I get caught up with a visit to another Florida quilt shop, a quilt shop in Georgia, and a great Mystery Quilt with the Space Coast Quilters!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Shayla! Yay cats!

My situation isn't right for a cat, and I love cats. So you go ahead and post just as many pictures of Shayla as you want, and this blog-follower, for one, will be delighted.


Sunnie said...

You will be glad to hear that Shayla is getting braver all the time. She took one look at the stairs today, and then ran right up!
I followed her, but could not tell where she'd gone. Later, I found she had run into my studio and discovered the deepest hidey-hole possible. Later, she was sitting on my chair as though she owned the place.
Shayla is definitely a Quilt Cat!