Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No April Fools here!

While everyone else is playing tricks and having a good time, let's talk about scraps!

This what I call my scrap "container" because I cannot bear to think of my scraps being in a trash can! But it is a fantastic "scrap basket".
It's great for digging through. The top turns upside down and can hold the scraps that have to be removed to get to all the ones packed down at the bottom.
Lately I have noticed something different accumulating in my container.
I seem to have leftover amounts of fabric that are definitely scraps, but they're more than a fat quarter, and won't go into the folded yardage stacked in the cupboard. They might be enough to make something if you wanted to use mostly the same fabric.
Here they are all rolled up, posing in front of their home.
I guess I'll just let them live there, as I am afraid of starting a whole new category of scrap containers!
Meanwhile, Mrs. Starbucks was delighted to receive her scrap quilt:

However, she says she will not be checking to find out if there are any repeats in the alleged 137 fabrics.
Which, by the way, all came from that white scrap container!

I am just having a fabric withdrawal here, as I am working on the newsletter for the statewide quilt guild. I like doing it for the most part, but it does involve an extended period if time at the computer...no fun photos possible when my desk looks like that.
It's fun to see piles of fabric all over my studio, but not so much the piles of paper on my desk!

Here comes April, and it's going to be a great one.
In about two weeks I'll be doing a Personalized Mystery Quilt with the SpaceCoast quilters in Titusville, FL. In celebration of their recent show, this quilt is called "Stars of the Quilt Show" and we're going to have a lot of fun making either a wall hanging or lap quilt.
After that comes....PADUCAH!

So have fun with all the other blogs who thought up good ideas for April Fools' Day, and remember this:
Originally this was the first day of the year, and when the calendar was changed April Fools were the people who wished everyone a Happy New Year on the wrong date.
But every day is a new one, and any year can begin when you want it to...so if you are feeling the need for a fresh start, make it today!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Sunnie!!!
The Mysterious Ms. E.

meggie said...

Nice post. Love the Starbucks quilt. Must get onto some of my scrap busting!