Monday, March 16, 2009

Inspiration everywhere

Inspiration is everywhere!
This is the hall carpet at the Hampton Inn where my Dad stayed on a recent visit.
If you use this or any other design to start a quilt, the right thing to do is give a credit for it on the label. Yes, even if it doesn't look exactly like the original.

When the opposite happened...Paula Nadelstern's quilt designs were used without her permission for the carpeting in the Houston Hilton...there was a lawsuit. If you've seen the carpet there, you know why she won that suit!

Bundled up for a morning at the beach!

Nature is another great inspiration. Here is the Atlantic Ocean, on a cold day in February.
Yes, even in Florida it can be cold sometimes (though nothing like really Up North, as they say here).

Another important Florida concept...if you are looking for Nature's Inspiration... is that the sunrise is over the Atlantic Ocean, but the sunset is over the Gulf of Mexico. Unless you're down in the Keys, and if you're down there who cares what any direction is? Just have another drink (I'll have a margarita, please...)
Speaking of Nature & Inspiration, a walk in the yard is just the thing to clear your head.
What's blooming at my place? The ubiquitous flower of North Florida springtime ...Azaleas!

And to my amazement, this grows like a weed in great clusters all along the road (and in my yard): White Violets!

For lovers of the Great Indoors, there is still colorful inspiration:

Inspiration is as close as your stash.
Fluffing and mixing up these batik scraps in a clear container creates lots of ideas!
But I must get back to quilting the 4 basted quilts before I can start cutting fabric for a new one!

What's been inspiring you lately?

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