Thursday, February 26, 2009

Color Mastery by Maria Peagler

Color Mastery: 10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts
by Maria Peagler, 2009 Willow Ridge Press

Quilters need to learn about color, and this book makes the subject easy to understand.
Find out for yourself by clicking the link (above) and reading a sample chapter.

There are many color books in my library, written from various perspectives. Maria has written this book in a way that breaks color into easy to understand families and ideas.
I think her most important move was leaving out how colors mix together. That information is what makes this topic so confusing to beginners & fabric lovers, as we really don't mix colors the way painters and lighting artists do.

Starting off with ten basic concepts and ten myths about color, Maria goes on to explain her excellent suggestion of keeping a Color Journal.
The truth is that you really have to get into some fabric and play around with it to learn about color. Reading about it will never do the trick! So why not keep a record of it in your journal? I love to go back over journals I have kept, and I bet you will, too.
NOTE: Journals are only for you! Make a mess, tear a page out, scribble like mad, glue-glue-glue! This is not an assignment you are handing in for a grade! Nobody else has to see it unless you decide to share it.

The book is filled with great color pictures that show you how to use your own fabrics to discover the color schemes you will like best.
A result of working with Color Mastery might be buying some more fabric, but you'll be selecting ones that really work with your existing stash.

One of the biggest problems quilters have with color is that they resist learning how to talk about it. You can tell if you like something or not, but without the right words and ideas, there is no way to describe the problem and understand how to change what you don't like.
Maria does a great job explaining--and showing!--what the color wheel and it's variety of combinations can do.

In the second part of the book, you can start to put your new ideas into action with some simple quilt patterns. There is a pattern for each of the main color "harmonies", but you could make any of them over and over using different colors, intensities and values as you learn what you like and how to make it look even better.

Use Color Mastery as a workbook. You'll already be started on your Color Journal!
And follow Maria's blog and e-newsletter for more insightful (and fun!) ways to make your quilts really show their colors!

So, you'd be asking, "What's with that photo???"
It's my copy of Color Mastery, purchased all on my own. I am reccommending this book because I think it is one you will use and enjoy.
What's that little thing sticking out of the top of the book?
A sticky note, of course, because when you have a really good book, you have to mark it!
And that striped fabric behind the book?
Oh, yes...that's about to be cut up and used for the backing on a quilt I am making for Mrs. Starbucks!

By the way, Color Mastery is published in a beautifully professional manner. You can order it through all the big online booksellers.
If you'd like a group discount for your guild, or to use this book in a class, contact Willow Ridge Press.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I bet Mrs. Starbucks is going to love that backing. I know I do!


PS Stupid *&##@ google/blogger

Sunnie said...

I know you will enjoy that backing when you help me baste the quilt on Saturday!
It's a real which I mean as I was ironing it I could even tell some wax was in there!

2L3Bs World said...

thanks for sharing the principles of creating quilt. It always amazed me whenever I see and touched the finished quilts. Each of the stitches suggests artistic handiwork of its makers.