Sunday, February 15, 2009

Florida Quilt Shop: The JaM Patch

When you are headed south on I-95 in Florida, and get down to Stuart, be sure to take a little side trip to The JaM Patch. I had the pleasure of a visit while I was in the area teaching for the Martin Co. Quilt Guild.
It's located at 932 SE Central Parkway, Stuart FL 34994.

Owners Joey Mettly and Margy Merle (the J and M of "JaM") have made the most of their cozy space. It is totally loaded with fabric!
There is something for everyone, with reproductions and country colors to the left of the door ( see above).....
and the brights to the right (see below)...

And a ton of batiks in the back, just before you get to the wall of discounted bolts.
It took quite awhile to glance over all the offerings, and then I had to choose some to keep me company on the way home!
(well, there's another good reason to buy fabric!)

This what I picked out...and believe me, I left a quite a bit behind that I would have loved to get!

On the left is a fat quarter I couldn't live without. It was all gone from the bolt.
In the middle are two cherry fat quarters, and the fabric on the right is called Chocolate Covered Cherries. Do we detect a theme?????
And as long as I was getting cherries, how could I resist this beautiful stuff?

That's from a Wilmington line called "Cherry Picked".
Could cherries be the New Thing? Will they replace sunflowers and cats????
Even more important....can you guess what I'm going to do with this? And who will be the beneficiaries???

Meanwhile, back in my own little world....

Yep, veggies and batiks! That's me all the way. I had a good "excuse" to buy the blues, since I recently found out they were not so well represented in my batik stash.
The retro-style veggies were just too cute ( I have a highly developed sense of "cute", probably not what others consider that to be). And I have not added to my (oh, dear it's true...) Veggie Fabric Collection in some time.

It looks as though I shall be under a huge amount of temptation in the next week, as the BGPC is going to Brunswick GA for an art show...and a stop at Stepping Stones on St. Simon's Island.
The following day Cherry-Cherry & I are headed to the
Sunshine State Quilters Association meeting in Ormond Beach, a trip that involves very dangerous proximity to some great FL shops.
Of course, I will let you know what trouble I get into there.
And looming on the horizon.....
The truth is, I don't buy much of anything but fabric (and lunch!), so this is my way of investing in the Economic Recovery. I know you are doing your part, too!


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meggie said...

I love to lunch! Next to buying fabric, it is my favourite hobby!!