Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Florida Quilt Shop: Byrd's Nest

If you need a batik or beach print, Byrd's Nest is a great place to shop.

If you could look to the right, you'd see another wall of batiks!
Located in Ormond Beach, it's an easy trip east from I-95 on Rt. 40. There's even a shopping center across the street to provide lunch and other distractions, if you are not traveling with fellow quilters (well, the quilters want lunch,too, of course!)

Beach and ocean prints are a favorite
They have plenty of other fabrics, too, like a huge number of those oriental style prints that are so popular, and just in was a nice line of red & whites. There are also several bolts of the hard-to-find batik rayons, a wonderful choice for anyone making clothing.

The fat quarters corner...a must-stop & browse section in this house o' fabric!

I had fun checking out the new Pfaff machines, too. A sewing machine is like a car...there are many makes & models to choose from, and it's a very personal choice. But I do like a Pfaff!

I love to shop in places were there are all sorts of rooms with things to find!

Here's a storage idea worth taking a picture...so I did!
Industrial shelving with chipboard or masonite shelves, and the "under-bed" size plactic boxes (no lids needed...though I bet these make an easy pack up for a quilt show booth!).
You can see the shelves were set to be just the distance needed between the boxes, and they sit two side by side on each of the eight shelves.
That's a lotta fabric!

There's another location at the Rt. 100 exit off I-95, Byrd's Nest II. Don't miss either of them!

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meggie said...

Swooning at all those delicious looking fabrics! All our local quilt shops have closed so I dont get to any.