Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day 2012

Groundhog Greetings to All!
And to all the groundhogs who are giving their weather predictions today, especially Gertie at the Wildlife Prairie State Park in Illinois. What an exciting day for these all-American mammals!
In Europe there was a similar tradition with hedgehogs, though I am not sure it is still celebrated...and certainly not with parades and speeches by the local mayor.

For those who still may not know the noble Groundhog, here is a picture:
This is Puxatawney Phil
Their coats are thick, soft fur and they have front paws almost like hands (sort of like a raccoon). To learn more about groundhogs, and even hear a selection of sounds they make, visit Hog Haven.

In 2008 I wrote a post about my pet groundhog Charlie. He was a great guy, and I still like to remember him snuggled in my lap, making a contented little woodchuck grunting sound.
I always wanted to make a Groundhog Quilt, but didn't really want to use the Sunshine & Shadows block for it.
Sunshine and Shadows block (also known as Roman Stripe)
A  Mystery Quilt class I taught had a great design, but a name I no longer wanted to it has become Groundhog Day, my latest pattern. The two colors represent Winter and Spring, and you can see lots of holes for the Groundhog to pop up from:
Groundhog Day c. Sunnie Malesky 2011
Before I publish a pattern it has to be tested several times. This one also includes a scrappy version, which I made in pinks and greens. I had the top spread out for some final patch counting, and it took Shayla O'Puss about two seconds to appear for a nap:
Shayla was so happy on this top she didn't make a face when I snapped the picture!

I hope all my Faithful Readers have a wonderful Groundhog Day. I am very honored to be included in Gertie's celebration this year with a little poem I wrote back in 2008:
May your Winter be short and your Springtime be long;
May the shadows that fall on your life soon be gone.
May the sun shine upon you, may your joys never end...
and remember the Groundhog is always your friend!

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