Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quilters Sew-In/ Sleep-Out

Last week my DH was up at the Campbell Folk School assisting a class for wood turners. I would be envious, but I'll be there soon, teaching the week of March 4--9!
Meanwhile, I decided to have a Sew-In/ Sleep-Out. That means I have plenty of room for people to come over and quilt, but they have to go home to sleep.
Cherry-cherry came over every day and put a huge dent in her UFO pile. 
Batiks, a machine and some good chocolate!
I was too busy and she was so fast, I didn't get pictures of everything!
The quilt above was just a few blocks at the guild's November retreat, and now it just needed some borders. In fact, a lot of the quilts just needed a border or some little thing.
The Eternal UFO Question: why didn't we finish it when there was so little left to do?
Here's another that has been hanging around for years:
It only needed more cherries!
Wow, that was a Mystery Quilt class inspired by a pattern in "Batik Beauties" by Laurie J. Shifran (Martingale) that I saw in a magazine! Cherry-cherry set it in a totally different way and added applique.
Fused applique, of course.

Rita came over, and also my wonderful daughter-in-law and the Divas on Devon. Thanks to DeLuna for bringing pizzas Tuesday night!

I was hard at work finishing my new Groundhog Day pattern. Take a little peek:
Groundhog Day: The scrappy version
I'll be talking more about this soon. Those pink and green batiks were fun to sew with!
Stay tuned for tomorrow...because it is Groundhog Day!

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