Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stuck in the middle of Q

I'm stuck alright...stuck in the middle of in quilting!
It may feel like the fabric selection, cutting and piecing/applique takes forever, but that's just the first half. The actual quilting takes a long time.
OK, you take-it-to-the-longarmers out there! I hear you snickering! But you do have a good point, because one of the biggest roadblocks to a complete quilt is Backing & Basting.
It's not the batting. I have batting! I even have batting ready to go:
No better use for a stairway railing!
Look at that stack! And the batt has been "airing out" or relaxing (to loosen the folds from being packaged) for weeks now. 
In fact, since it has been out, I have finished 3 more tops and the blocks for another quilt. This could be a cause for concern, except I know a woodturner who has 100 bowl blanks in the shed. Let's face it, artists need plenty of materials at hand! It's the potential that's important, not so much the number of completed works.
(by the way, there is one finished quilt peeking out on the left of that picture,  "Quirky Bits").
I also have several huge cans of spray basting, and a willing friend to help (hey there, Cherry-Cherry!). So here's the problem:
A job of work, as they say
Nobody wants to iron 4 yards (or more) of fabric for the backing. Sigh.
But I will! soon as I finish this post...and think about sashing for the blocks on the design wall....and have  lunch....feed the cat inside....feed the cats outside..check my email....check Facebook...

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