Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scrap Quilt Mystery Challenge

It's the same sad story:
I have designed...and completed the top...of my first quilt this year!
But, it is a Mystery Quilt, so I can't show it off here!
I was so happy with this one (and I know the St. Andrew Bay Quilters will be, too when we make it in March!). It's called "Florida's Brightest Jewel",  a reference to St. Andrew Bay.
Yet the whole time I was making it, I kept thinking what a great scrap quilt it would be! So I am challenging myself to make it again, totally out of my scrap container:

This is my current scrap container, meaning it's where I put the scraps I am making now.
The Infamous Overflowing Scrap Basket is basically a prop for my lecture, so I can't really use those up, can I?
I love this trashcan style of container with the swingy flap lid. Wouldn't it be even cooler if it were transparent???
But I guess nobody wants to see their actual trash!
Not even inside a plastic bag.

My task now is to sort the scraps into DARK and MEDIUM. I'll use white for a background, all the same fabric, to give some unity to the scrappiness (though I could make that scrappy, too...the idea is to keep the values different enough so the block pattern can be seen. I know I do not have that many very light fabric scraps!!!).

When I sort the scraps, I may find that I have a huge number of one color (blue or purple would be likely for me...what's your favorite color?). If so, I may replace either the DARK or MEDIUM pile with that one color.
The idea there is to keep the same thing in the same place on the block pattern (value OR color).

So now I'm back to the studio to press out the wrinkles....no, let's be honest, those scraps will need to be ironed....and discover what I really have to work with!

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