Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time flies when you're quiltin'...

Now what happened to all those Big Plans I had about blogging the whole QuiltFest experience?
I guess you got as much as I could do this year. But there are more quilting adventures ahead!
This is what I have in my sights right now:
Yes, in just a few weeks I'll be headed for the hills...literally!...and a wonderful week of teaching at the John C. Campbell Folk School!
The last time I was teaching there I designed a quilt that tells the story of how the school was founded. It was a Mystery Quilt, and we had a great time.
But this year I'm blowing it wide open!
Yes, we'll have the original 9-block quilt (no longer a mystery!) as a starting point, but I have also planned about 30 more blocks that refer to the history, classes and places around the Folk School. I'm bringing instructions to make just about anything...a wall hanging, table runner, we'll be designing and sewing all sorts of projects that tell each person's own Campbell School story!
This is the original quilt, which I now call The MorningSong Quilt. One of the school's traditions is joining together in the morning before breakfast to listen to a variety of stories and songs about the area. A different person leads MorningSong each day, and my favorite is when the director Jan Davidson tells about how John Campbell met Olive Dame, they married, and in time the school was formed.
The location for MorningSong is the Community Room at the Keith House. Just about everything important for getting people together happens, dancing, the end-of-week class show & closing ceremony. It has always been at the heart of the school, as well as the local Brasstown community.
This is Keith House:

Well, this is part of Keith's a very large place!
As something special for this class, I have designed a block to represent Keith House...or at least, to keep it simple, what I consider to be the main entrance. It will be fun to make and can be either pieced or appliqued, as well as (in fact it begs for) embellishments!

In the near future, I'll be showing you some of the steps that go into designing a quilt block.
And I'll be taking my computer so I can post from the school...and even better, I'll be taking Cherry-Cherry along as my teacher assistant, which I get to have because the class is filled!
I am really looking forward to meeting my new friends and students on November 1st!

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Meggie said...

Good luck with it all. What a wonderful time you will have, I am sure!