Sunday, October 18, 2009

Posting poltergeist!

Yes, friends, it seems I have a ghost in my blog that would not let me write anything without turning all my text into a link to...I don't know what that was! I sure was not going to click on it!
And I was not going to run the risk of any of you having some weirdness...
other than my own usual weird, which I hope is ultimately harmless!
And here I am with all these quilt show pictures to share from the Suwannee River Show! There was also a problem connected with those loading.

This post seems to be alright, so I will try a quick pic of Shayla:

She does not seem to approve of the agenda for the guild meeting!
Maybe she does not realize all eating and napping at the meeting is done at each member's own discretion, and does not need to be an agenda item.

OK, sorry for this sort of post, but as I said, I have to be sure things are working safely for all of us!


Anonymous said...

Seeing Shayla is always a treat! Worth waiting for!


Anonymous said...

Don't you know that all cats have their own agendas...........