Friday, October 23, 2009

Batches of books!

If there's anything I love as much as fabric, it must be books. I have a huge collection of quilt books, not to mention the many books I just enjoy reading.
In order to keep the house from collapsing, they must be "purged" occaisionally...and that means a trip to Chamblin's Bookmine, the best used book store in town. They literally have everything.
A visit to the Quilting section is like a visit with old friends...

As I was craning my neck to see the items on the top shelf, a worker came by and stuck about ten more books onto a shelf I had already examined.
Oh boy! "new" used books!

But then I realized....those were the books I had just brought in!
That's just as well, I was able to justify buying quite a few others: the first two books in a series I wanted to try, and several books on creativity and art.

Yet where did I find myself today, but at the Friends of the Library book sale!
They have started having two sales per year, as so many books are collected.
It's not the greatest place for quilting books...again, it's the "I already had/have that one" problem. But it is a great place for getting cheap entertainment reading...and, of course, they can be given back to be sold again! (do you think the 27 copies of "The DaVinci Code" are the exact same ones as were at the sale in January? I do!)

Sometimes there are really old books, and of course there are loads of out-dated computer books! And I bought one! It's a "dummies" book on Windows XP, which is what runs my computer.
I have never been to that book sale that I did not see at least one of my guild members there, too. There must be something about book lovers...

For the quilt books, I think I'm holding out until we go down to West Palm Beach for the World Quilt & Textile Show...they must have a book vendor! Cherry-Cherry & I agree....we want to see the books before we buy.

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