Friday, September 19, 2008

QuiltFest....Sale Room Preview

QuiltFest opens next week (Thurs. September 25), so from now on every day is devoted to getting ready.
Seven local guilds work together to host this annual event which has a judged competetion of over 400 quilts, 60+ vendors and all the various activities you would expect to see at a large show. I'll detail a number of them next week, but today's topic is the Sale Room.

Lap-size quilts are usually good sellers...patriotic or Christmas themes tend to be popular

Though not a separate "room", there is a large area where the members of the seven guilds may sell their quilts, tops, blocks, and kits. It is not a boutique or flea market. The money goes to the quilter, less a 10% commission for QuiltFest, making a win-win situation for the hard-working members, the organization, and the show visitors who can purchase some wonderful items.
There is often a big rush when the door opens Thursday's the antique collectors seeking a real find!

The top is complete, but I am it could become someone's cherished bed quilt!

Yes, these photos are all my items for sale! I'm trying to do a clean out of samples from when I used to teach at the you-know-who Big Box store.
It's not a good Patchwork Pie without some pictures!

Nothing says "holidays" like red & green & gold!

This is a REAL quilt and has lots of stitching...and, of course, much more colorful than it seems here. I like the striped fabric for the binding.
If it doesn't sell, I'll use it as an early Christmas gift for some family member. I wonder who?

These poor unrelated blocks are looking for a home

Friends of this blog will recognize my alternate design wall & photo staging area...the blue plaid sofa! I refer to these collections of blocks as "orphanages", as in a group of orphan blocks that never became a quilt, and were never intended to go together. Samples, left-overs, know!
Some of these are mine, and some came from the BGPC. If they don't sell, I am taking them to one of the retreats I'm attending in November/ December and make a really fun & funky quilt....or two or three!
Right now they are grouped by size, but I'll re-group then according to how bright they are. Size may not matter, but color does!

The quilts are being hung on Tuesday next week. I'll be working, but my camera will be in my pocket so I can give you a look at what it takes!
The first thing is a step ladder....

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