Thursday, September 25, 2008

QuiltFest: Almost ready!

Something is finally happening in the front of the room!

There are many tables, and they all need covers and drapes...before the seven guilds can set up their raffle ticket sales, the "Quilters Walk" chinese auction can put out the gift baskets, the entry table is ready for the programs,etc etc etc!!!
Still no pie, but tomorrow this area will be filled with hungry quilters who have tired feet!
The vendors look so tempting when the shops are all dressed up with fabric and other goods....but the the set-up is not so pretty! It takes a lot of work to get everything in place.
The calm before the storm.
In the morning this area will be filled with quilters coming into the show, busloads arriving, and volunteers getting their badges.

Yes, I was totally lax and got no pictures of the Preview Party tonight!
But tomorrow the show opens, and I will be there to take you through a day at the quilt show!(and I promise more pictures of QUILTS!)

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