Friday, September 26, 2008

QuiltFest Friday

Quilt shows are fun, and also tiring. After four full days, I am about beat!
I spent today doing two demos, talking to people, shopping....but not much picture taking!

Here's what I did get today:
The Quilters Walk is a sort of "chinese auction" where you can buy 50 tickets for $5.
Then you put the tickets in the containers for the prizes you most would like to win. There are gift baskets and other things to choose from, all donated by the guilds and vendors.

And I did find the pie, at last!

Friends, I am too tired to write any more tonight (having also done the mailing labels & stamps to get the state guild's newsletter out tomorrow...).

I do have to say how much fun the demos were. It's hard to take pictures of yourself, so I don't have anything to show for that! But it was great to see so many people I've had in classes around the state, and to share some laughs. I hope everyone went home and filled a grocery sack with scraps to start a Mile-A-Minute project!

You have every right to expect a big post for Saturday to cover the end of the show.
I may even run it over into Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

I was there! It was a great demo! I'm sorry I didn't think to invite you to hand your camera off to me for a picture. Well, next time.

I don't have to fill a bag with scraps for a Mile-A-Minute quilt because I already have a laundry basket full! I think I'll work on it at upcoming retreats (both the All Star Guild and the state guild). And I already have a working title: "Fast and Furious".