Monday, June 2, 2008

The Quilting Guild of The Villages

On Tuesday, the Quilt Mobile rolled down through the Ocala National Forest and ended up at The Villages, a retirement developement that has 70, 000 residents, it's own hospital and zipcode....and 450 quilters!

Scrap Basket takes the stage and prepares to overflow!

Not all of them were there to hear my lecture, but we had a great time. And the ones who were there got the free class part about Mile-A-Minute quilts (that's what you see on the board).
It pays to show up at guild meeting!
Everyone loves the Show & Tell part best, (me, too!).
These ladies had some wonderful work that ran the whole range from a 1992 UFO Mariner's Compass finished at last, to some great comtemporary strippy designs, and a black & red one that almost glowed...backed with Minkee!

The Quilting Guild of The Villages is having a show at the end of January. You can find out more about it here.

Right under the Mile-A-Minute demo board you can see the quilt top I made with that method. It's going to be a birthday gift. But will it arrive on time?
Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Any chance we could see a close-up of your Mile-a-Minute demo board, and a short summary of that technique?

I got a verbal description, once, and got blocks that looked like log cabins. From here, it looks like your Mile-a-Minute top has a Crazier look, which I prefer.


Sunnie said...

There are several methods called "mile a minute", but if you ended up with log-cabin-ish blocks, then you probably used the one I am showing.
There is an important insight into getting the desired results, and I will be happy to share that with everyone in my next post!