Monday, June 23, 2008

Florida Quilt Shop: Fireside Quilt Shop in Sanford

It was road trip time last week, so I filled the Quilt Mobile with members of the BGPC and off we went! Our first stop was the Fireside Quilt Shop & Gifts in Sanford, FL.

You can't miss the blue awnings in this short strip

There are some months in Florida when it's possible to sit outside on this lovely bench. Shop owner Kendra Race has thought of everything, and the shop is filled with nice touches such as this wonderful place to park non-quilters who are traveling with you:

Even marathon shoppers like a place to rest their feet!

Plenty of comfy seating, some non-quilt magazines, newspapers, and a TV with remote control (that's the black thing on the table, so those of you who are fairly sure you know what one is, but may have never held one in your hand). And I didn't even get a pic of the wonderful coffee bar! (legs provided by 3 mysterious members of the BGPC)

OK, now how about that fabric?
We arrived on the right day, as a large portion of the shop had 50% off signs!
I do love a sale, and also a shop where the fabric keeps moving along to make room for new bolts.

This shop is goes 'way on back

There is somethig for everyone here, with large selections of fresh contemporaries, reproductions, holidays and batiks (my personal weakness!)
What's behind that pattern rack?

Somewhere in here is just the color you need

It's wall of batiks (hidden to the right) that ends up with a fabulous assortment of collections in long color runs! And brights...I do love those jewel tones!

This post would be far too long if I showed a picuture of everything in the shop, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself.
If only I had room at home for this baby!

I have no idea what the turn-around time is for their quilting service, but in talking to the ladies at the shop I had a very good impression. They all know quite a lot about the quilting industry and have attended machine quilting classes & shows around the nation.

Nobody is paying me to say any of this! I just want to share great places when I go (and will also tell you if there is somewhere I was not happy!).

When it comes to lunch, there are some places serving better food than others, and some places where it's just the atmosphere that is fun. We went to lunch with this guy, who is the object of one person's long-time love affair:

The Big Boy...he only has eyes for...guess who!

Fortified with a variety of desserts, we headed home by way of another shop...which will have to wait for the next post!

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Anonymous said...

A good time was had by all! Nothing better than the 4 F's: food, fun, friends, and a fabulous new (to us) quilt shop.