Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Florida Quilt Shop: Byrd's Nest II

Decisions, decisions***.....
sometimes we let an outside force take over!
In this case, a by-the-way sort of e-mail, and the fact that we had not been to Byrd's Nest II made the choice to stop on our way back north. There is one in Ormond Beach (well worth a visit!), and this new one in Flagler Beach.You can find it right at I-95 Exit 284 (SR. 100), on the east side.
First we poked through all the Pfaff machines & supplies (boy, did I need some bobbins!) and took a look in the classroom where the ironing board features a tie-dye cover.

What! It's another Wall Of Batiks!
This is where I gave in to the green polka dots on black...just like the red ones I use for the binding on the Perky Old Men quilt. And yardage of a wonderful light blue... I am always looking for light colored batiks. I am very picky about them, too, as so many have a grey cast.
Well, something has to limit what we (I) buy!

Love those bright colors! And the holiday fabrics are showing up now, too....
Yes, there are some things I don't care for!
But not much!

I am sorry not be able to show you the other fabric room, but doing so would reveal the faces of three members of the BGPC. I had intended to use the picture for blackmail, but I'm sure the husbands already know about their fabric habits.

I'll soon be headed off again to share my over-flowing scrap basket with another group of fabric lovers, so watch for more pictures and perhaps a Hot Tip or two by Monday.

*** at the very same Exit 284 (Rt. 100/ Bunnell on I-95) going west for a short distance, you will find the Sew & Quilt Shop, another favorite!

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