Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Quilters' Day IN

Spray basting the CC way!

Using Groundhog Day as a great motivator, Cherry-Cherry and I had a Quilters' Day IN at her house so we could help each other with some projects.
Here you see a small quilt top my mother had made, and I finished it off with some of her fabric. Then it just sat around in my UFO pile for a year or so.
CC showed me how she spray bastes, and now I have a sandwich ready to go! What's on the back??? A great Jane Sassaman print with ferns! Yes, it's the one I got on sale, and I am going to use it as the quilting design. So this one will be quilted up-side-down...as soon as I get the purple thread. Watch for this latest experiment to show up soon!

Oh, no! It's the Return of the Perky Old Men!

The ever-growing collection of New Quilting Terminology has a another addition: Stew Pot Quilt. That's a collection of blocks/pieces you have saved in a box, bag, etc. with the intent of using them up.
No matter what you do with these things, they just grow and grow (not unlike a scrap basket!). These little 9-Patches live in a plastic shoe box. I have already had a full size quilt top with them and then gave the box to CC to fill out her own collection for another quilt (they came from a group exchange).
When she returned the box, it was FULL again! Now it has my leftovers, plus her leftovers...I can see there is no end to this.
So here is an idea for another attempt at using up the blocks. It's an audition of using polka-dot fabric with them. I like the layout (thanks to CC!). I like the idea of polka-dots...but not these! That's why auditioning is good. You can hone in on what you really want, as opposed to forging ahead with a good idea that actually needs some fine tuning!
Oh, ask me how I know about this!

Yet another potential Stew Pot!!!

Here are the remains of an activity at the last SSQA Symposium. It was a team sewing competition, and all the units made were to go into a charity quilt. The winning team got to choose the charity. But I ended up with the units!
There were some blocks ready to be trimmed to 12.5" and enough pieces that I could make a few more. CC contributed a solid for sashing. See tomorrow's post for the resulting top: Bizzarro Quilt!
There are so many units and pieces and donated fabric left over....if I am lucky, I will turn it over to some other poor soul. Well, no...to someone who who will be happy to have it all, and then later will feel like a poor soul (and perhaps then pass off whatever is left to yet another person!).

And, yes...we also worked on a few of CC's projects, went out to lunch (hey! no cooking of any kind on this day!), had a visit to the Local Quilt Shop, and then actually went back to the house and sewed some more!

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You say Stew Pot, I say Sourdough Starter...Either way, truth be told, it's a potential UFO, right?