Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

How do you post a picture of love?
I have promised the people I know that their pictures will not appear in my blog without their permission (but if I made them into quilts? Hmm.....)
Pictures of the things I love would make up quite a long slide show!
So instead, I'll share this with you for today, as a special tribute to LOVE.

This little quilt is called "Midnight in the Garden of Pie". It's a tribute to my small quilting group the BGPC (that's for another post!). We like quilts that have something to do with pie. We like almost anything that has to do with pie!
It was made for the 2006 challenge at the local quilt show, so the fabrics are maybe not my first choices...but the giant swirls were very inspirational for making the weeping willow tree effect ( that what those are?!)
(bet you didn't know I can hear what you're thinking as you read this, did you?)

Back in High School I had a teacher who put a quote on the board every day. One that really sticks in my mind...though unfortunately the author's name did not: "You like somebody love somebody although."
That's an excellent guideline to have learned at an early age.
There are a lot of people I like.
And I'm lucky that there are quite a few who I love. That quote has helped me over a few rough spots.

The older I get, the more I cherish long term relationships. It's wonderful to have good-time memories together, in fact, it is essential. But it's the times of struggle together, or even the simple misunderstandings that need to be talked out, that make the relationship solid.
Well, solid after you've had to get over the quicksand of that problem!
Really sad when the friendship sinks and is lost.

But today is for celebrating love & friendships that have lasted.
Those two things go hand-in-hand.
I am very lucky to have a loving husband who is always a good friend to me.
I am very lucky to have my other friends, who will listen to all the stuff I want to talk about and do the things my husband doesn't care for! (he would if I asked him, though.)

I hope today you are thinking about the love you do have, no matter what kind it may be. It's a small word that means so many different things. Allow it to mean as many possible in your life!
And tell someone you love them, because everyone needs to hear that.
On any day.

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Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you know I love you muchly -- you're the best friend evah!