Friday, November 2, 2007

Getting Off the Floor

Just in case you have never heard Sunnie's Rule of Storage, here it is:
"Any horizontal surface becomes a storage area, until gravity takes over."
This includes the floor.

My studio is small, maybe 10' x10' in a strange old-house sort of configuration. It has a floor made from heart-of-pine, but you wouldn't notice, because the entire floor has become a storage area (where it isn't covered by furnture). It's a one-woman, one-cat operation, and right now the cat doesn't have enough room!

My goal until the end of the year is to try and uncover some of the floor. I guess that means I am concentrating on UFO's that have landed! So far, so good... I have emptied tote bags that held old class projects (finished the items and returned the remaining fabric to the shelf or box where it belongs) and managed to corral fabric back into containers.
This morning I took all the pieces from a Diane Hire class (3 years ago!) and finished a small wall hanging. Then I grabbed a red tote bag from under the ironing board and discovered a collection of blue & white nine-patches. Not only have I got a start on another new quilt, but a sizable area of floor was exposed!
I feel like I am really accomplishing something!

Please don't ask about the batik stack, is not in an actual walk-way, and will be saved for later!

Now, if I could only figure out getting digital pictures posted here, you could really appreciate my work!


Anonymous said...

In lieu of photos, I will use my imagination to "see" your progress. You go, girl! My studio's contents have exploded out into other rooms, so I am obviously overdue to corral and finish some of my UFOs.

Cherry Cherry

Anonymous said...

UFOs -- bain of my existence! I sometimes think that I have Attention Deficit Disorder cuz I am so easily distracted from my current project by another project which demands my attention!

My newest plan -- am taking digital pics of my UFOs and putting them in a slideshow in my computer to show me what I already have "in the works". Thinking I might embarrass myself. HA! I started that 3 weeks ago and put it aside for something else that demanded my attention! LOL


Sunnie said...

First, thanks for reading my blog!

Pat, I love the idea of taking UFO pics as a nagging device...and even more that it hasn't worked as planned!
I sure can sympathize with a great plan that doesn't pan out as's the story of my life!

However, a great idea is always worth re-visiting, so maybe someday....