Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween & Holiday Quilts

Fun...spooky...or both?
Marketing surveys show that Halloween is catching up to Christmas as a money-spending celebration. This has been happening over the last 20 years, and there are many theories why.
I say it's because of quilts.

Back many years ago when the Local Quilt Show was young, they had a category called Holiday. They showed Christmas tree skirts and table runners. It was called Holiday as an attempt to be politically correct about religion (a tricky proposition, I'd say).
I just thought I should enter a holiday quilt, but for a different holiday...Halloween!
That orange & black really made a statement beside the reds & greens.
The second year I did it, there were a couple other people celebrating Halloween along with me!

Then they took out the Holiday category, undoubtedly to up-scale the show (it now has 400+ quilts and no home decor!). But I always had a suspicion it was because they really didn't like those Jack O'Lanterns among the Santas. Too bad it was right beofre I started the Groundhog's Day quilt.

It's great to celebrate your favorite holiday with a quilt, no matter the time of year or the colors that are inspired.
I hope to be celebrating the first year of this blog next Halloween....maybe with a new quilt picture!

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