Monday, November 19, 2007

Quilt Mobile: On the Road Again!

The Quilt Mobile is ready to roll!

That's my mini-van. It's been the Quilt Mobile now for many fact, this is the third vehicle I've had by that name.
The first was a light blue Dodge Caravan. Then there was the dark blue Nissan Quest. Now it's a dark grey Toyota Sienna (not much brand loyalty, eh?).
When it was time to trade in the Quest, I debated about my choice. I don't need the "Mom Mobile" aspect of a mini-van now, so maybe it was time for a car?
But I like the idea that I can load up to seven other quilters and take off on adventures, so another van it had to be.

Then there times like this, when I am getting ready to go give a lecture and teach. It sure is good to have enough space for the huge design walls and over-flowing scrap basket (the main prop for my "Taming the Scrap Basket" lecture, although it has never been tamed!), not to mention the tote bags of supplies and suitcase.

But time is wastin' and I must be ready to go early tomorrow....stay tuned for adventures away from home!

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