Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Welcome to Patchwork Pie!

This is my special treat for Halloween 2007...a nice piece of Patchwork Pie to share with all my friends.
You may be an "old" friend...or a new friend...or a friend I just don't know yet!
If you already know me, then you know I was born to blog!
It was only a matter of time until I ended up online.

Patchwork Pie is made from my rambling through the world of quilting, fabric and closely related topics. It has lots of ingredients, and I've been making it for over 25 years, so it should be worth trying.

I hope you enjoy a good slice of pie every time you visit. Please feel free to bring your own ice cream.
I will, as usual, supply plenty of exclaimation marks!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Sunnie!
I'm glad to hear that you have a Blog, cuz you have lots to share with the quilting community. Am looking forward to seeing what happens in the Patchwork Pie. I've put you in my Fav Places.

Cut the pieces generous, I am ready to indulge!!!


Anonymous said...

Sunnie, I'm so excited about your new endeavor! Not to mention all those "wxclaimation" points LOL. Thanks for sharing with us!

Cherry Cherry