Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011, Quilters!

The year is new, but I want to take a quick look back to 2010 & 09!
Do you remember Snap Happy Bags?

I learned how to make them at Mrs. Starbuck's house and wrote a post on Dec. 9, 2009.
Recently, I made 30 (some of them are above) as a small "thank-you" gift for the people who had served the guild as chairmen or other positions during my 2 year term as President (also known as "The Reign of Terror").
I was pleased to receive an email today from Rosemary Wissink to let me know the Stitchin Sisters, home of the Snap Happy Bag, have a website with loads of fun bags and other patterns!
Check it out:
While you are there, be sure to read about their special project to provide sewing machines for women in Africa. If, like me, you are interested in projects that help women become financially stable (especially in third world countries) you'll want to learn even more by visiting

I am making NO resolutions for this year, other than to generally try to do better at everything.
Now, I know that breaks all the "rules" of setting goals, the first two being to state a specific goal, and then to have it be measurable!
We'll just have to see if I end up any better at the end of 2011. But along the way, I want to share a number of helpful websites and maybe you will find them of use, too. All are free.
The first is TickTock Timer, which allows you to set a digital timer for whatever amount you decide. When the time runs out, it makes a big GONG sound three times! I am using it right now so I won't spend too much time on the computer! Have you ever sworn you'd be "just 5 more minutes" and then looked an hour later?
You know you have!

Well, the GONG just went off! 
I wanted to leave you with a picture of Shayla O'Puss, who is doing very well with her yearly resolution to sit on every quilt possible....but Blogger seems to be overloaded right now.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Tick Tock Timer. Use it at the computer so that I don't forget to do something else......