Monday, January 24, 2011

Applique the Mary way!

Even teachers like to take a class!
Today I had fun with my guild learning about "Easy Breezy Applique" with needle-turn expert Mary Sorensen.
Mary has a very cool set up with a video camera and projector, so everyone could easliy see each stitch as she guided us through the process. After each technique, she personally checked with every student to see how they were doing, offering lots of tips and encouragement.
Our project was this pretty bouquet, which splills out into a pieced border.
One of the most important things taught today is that a class project is not a UFO! The learning process does not have to result in a finished item. Since the All Stars are working on finishing UFOs this year, we were glad to know this class was not adding our lists!

A handwork class makes a nice change from whirring machines and miles of electric cords all over the floors. Everyone had plenty of room, too, with no need for cutting & ironing stations!
We learned about curves and points and tucking seam allowances. We sewed in layers to "pre-assemble" some flowers before they went on the background. We whined a bit, because we were so intent on doing a good job!

A lot of fun in class is seeing all the fabric that the other people have, and what sort of sewing equipment they brought along. I noticed several cute pincushions among the debris.

This is my new teacher supply's handy to grab when going to take a class, too. When the supply list calls for thread to match all the different fabrics, my pre-wound bobbins-in-a-doughnut come in mighty handy!
(thanks, Superior Threads!).
It's so much fun to be able to get a good close-up look at Mary's work...
....and then indulge in our second love, buying some beautiful patterns! Mary also had a few of the tools and needles she likes to use, but she did not have a great big sales pitch.
She was there to teach and did a wonderful job. I know the guild will be talking about this class for a long time!
If you've ever taken an applique class, after a day of hard work, this is about what you have to show:
(That's my background square on top of the pattern with one leaf sewn down, and two flower petals under construction!)
It may not impress anyone who asks, "What did you do today?" but another quilter will know that tiny pieces can represent a whole lot of learning, and a great deal of fun!


Anonymous said...

Those see-through bins caught my eye...great for holding patterns.

Pat said...

Thank you for showing your class experience, Sunnie. And I just love seeing what other people bring thsir supplies in. Like your teacher supply kit. Looks like a fishing tackle box.

Anonymous said...

Looked for you in the pictures but then realized that if you are taking the pictures you can't be in them......duh!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us.


ali said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing these. The appliques are awe-inspiring, What a wonderful event for your guild. (I found my way here via Carol's Quilt Fever blog.)