Thursday, September 30, 2010

All Star Quilts, Part II

What a great show in the previous post!
Again, I am trying to get all the designers & patterns credited, so please let me know when I can add any info to a post...or if you would like me to remove a photo, I will happily honor your wishes immediately.

The theme of this year's QuiltFest was "Birds of a Feather Quilt Together", so let's start off by looking at a few of the Challenge pieces!
 Melinda R. takes us to the battle for "Featherweight Champion". She used yellow netting and beading to create that wonderful spotlight effect.

Pat P. has put the challenge fabrics to good use with her "Birds of A Feather Challenge". A 3-D touch is always nice!

"Feathered Friends" have gone for a day at the beach in Karen W.'s shaped and embellished quilt.
It's always fun to see what inspirations come from a theme and a little bunch of fabric.
Next year is "The Sky's The Limit"!
Now on to rest of the entries from the All Star Quilters Guild...

"Aurora" came from a collection of fabrics Dot B. received for Christmas one year. It can be fun...and challenging! work with selections from another person.

Trish E. calls this one "Big Sister", because she also has... 
"Little Sister" made from the leftovers! What a great idea for using up scraps and extra units!

Speaking of projects that come as pairs, here is "His" by Margaret S. It's sort of the pieced, masculine version of ... 
 ..."Hers" found in the Applique category. These came from two Block of the Month programs (honest, I am getting the info!). These were designed as companion quilts, Classic Folk Art (2004) by Designing Friends (Vicki McGowen and Kathy Johnson).

 OK, Pat P....your quilt just insists on staying on this side no matter what I try! "Old Fashioned Holiday" is a lovely use of crochet doilies as half-square triangles. She must have been feeling "in the pink"....
with this "Spring Blossoms" quilt from the Other Applique Techniques category.

Karol B. cleverly titled this quilt "Transpositions" for it's musical themed fabrics. Or maybe it was because she got the pattern reversed? Debbie Bowles' "BQ2" looks great no matter how you make it!
The guild had fun learning this pattern in a class taught by Lynn Provencher of Country Crossroads Quilt Shop. Here's another example from the same class...
Andrea P. used some pieced blocks instead of the plain squares for "Tropical Triangles Encore".
Could these be left over from a previous project??? 

Cathy J. takes us on trip to the Southwest with "Kokopelli Seranade". Take a closer look at the beadwork: 
 Nicely done! The beads are the pefect size and colors and add just the right touch.

Sometimes you just can't get a photo without ardent admirers in the way! Sandy O.'s "Winners Bouquet" is well worth a good look! Sandy actually flew in to Jacksonville just for the show. Maybe next year she'll let her husband come along!

I am fairly sure this is Karla P.'s "Paisley Park", but honestly, keeping track of all the beautiful quilts just makes my head swirl! This quilt has a great balance of values and colors.

Pat D. used a packet of fabrics donated to the guild by Magrieta's Quilt Shop to create "Elegance". Black and taupe is a beautiful combination.

With a nod to her heritage, Val S. made "Hawaii's Star" with a terrific bold floral. I really like a smaller quilt that looks like a "blown up" block. You could try your favorite block this way!

"It's All About Lisa" in Mary Anne D.'s photo quilt. Two things make this one a real standout: the photo transfers have good, deep color, and Mary Anne went to a lot of trouble to put little black triangle corners on each picture for an old album effect. Those details really do make a difference!
Then she had a small amount of a special fabric, resulting in... 
"Space Sprouts in My Potato Chips", which refers to the style of blocks (see Gay M.'s quilt above). The print motif does look like a sprout...perhaps from another planet!

Last, but not least, is Mary Jo K.'s "Ruby Diamond"...and what a little hand-pieced gem it is! Don't you love that the tag is actually larger than the quilt?

This completes our All Star show for 2010. It is so exciting to see all these quilts hanging proudly in QuiltFest. Competion is fun for some people, but a show needs lots of entries and they can't all have a ribbon. You know, they really don't need a ribbon...showing and sharing with other quilters, and helping the public to learn to love quilts, that's the real reward!

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quiltalina said...

Hi Sunnie, I want to offer you a huge but very belated THANK YOU for these two posts documenting All Star's entries to QuiltFest. Now that I'm a blogger, I realize how important comments can be to make us feel like we are not talking to ourselves! You did a fantastic job making us all feel special. Carol G (using a different email identity)