Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All Star Quilts (Part I)

The  Really Big Show...QuiltFest...has come and gone again. It was bigger and better than ever, with 430 quilts this year.
The set up and take down are about the same every year, so I thought this time I'd like to make a couple posts to feature the entries by my guild sisters, The All Star Quilters Guild.
The name does not refer to any membership requirement...we have people from beginners to major award winners and even several teachers. There are members of all ages and both sexes. Everyone is welcome...even a few people who don't make quilts, they just enjoy being with quilters!
We like to say "All Stars...where everyone can shine!"
If anyone wants their name or photo removed, I will do that...and if anyone can tell me the correct designer's name, I will be glad to add that right away!
This is our raffle quilt, "Morning Star". It was made from a commercial pattern, and I am appalled to say I don't have that info! It's on the label, though, and I will add it here ASAP! (Quilt Moments by Marilyn Foreman...pattern name "Celebration"...but the colors were completely changed for this quilt).
All seven guilds who work togther putting on this show have raffle quilt drawings on last day. This one was won by long-time member Dorothy J. (sorry Quilt Mother Margaret S.!).

Here's a quilt that came all the way from Panama. It gets counted as an All Star quilt because it was made by a member's friend, Carol S.
This is a Mary Lou Weidman design.

 Carol G. had two quilts in the show. This one is "Grandmother of Invention"....
.....and this one is "Celestial Dreams". Don't you love the way two blocks work together? Carol got this pattern from Marcia Hahn's Quilters Cache website.

 Kathy R.made Judy Niemeyer's pattern and called it "Thistlepods on the Green". The photo does not show how pretty the purple and green colors are.
Kathy also made this one:
 It's a One Block Wonder style called "Little Red Corvette Goes for a Spin" and is a marvelous use of that kaleidoscope technique plus a super-cute fabric!

 Gay M. loves to make a bargello quilt, and this one,"John's Surf Song", was done for her son. The pattern came from "Twist & Turn Bargello" by Eileen Wright. She also made a quilt in another of her signature styles....
 "Flowers Everywhere" is a fantastic use of two reverse-value prints (same pictures, dark & lights switched) in a "Potato Chip Quilt". That's a quick technique, and of course, you can't "make just one".

 Shirley S. shows how to let the fabric work with"Shoji Screen". Some fabrics are too beautiful to chop up!
She also made this unique quilt...
"Wedding Ring" has bright red pieces where the rings join, and is quilted with red thread. The black & white prints almost blend into the's a beautiful way to give a new look to an old pattern!
Shirley had this entry, too...
 "Color Falls" gives us a good lesson in using a variety of colors and values!

 "French Rose" has Miriam B. showing off the rag technique with a good selection of fabrics. This is one that begs to be cuddled up in!

 Pat B. was not afraid of all those curves in "Apple Core II"! She loves to make scrap quilts in bed sizes...and give them to her family members. Hey, Pat...can I be your sister???

 Look close on the left side...Vicki Z.'s blue ribbon blends right into the colorful "Night and Day". The inspiration for this quilt was Cathy Tomm's "Luminous Diamonds" in the July 2009 American Quilters Society magazine.Vicki is a faithful hand quilter...yes, even with all those seams!
So she had to make this one...
...some "Amish Inspiration" for us! Yes, she won two ribbons in this Intermediate Pieced category. We teased her...if only she'd made another, she could have swept the category!
You can't tease someone unless she really deserved those ribbons, and Vicky sure did!

 Lois W. won't see this on my blog because she doesn't use a computer. In fact, she's in assisted living, but managed to get "A Fireman's Friend" done specially to enter into this show. This log cabin settling is a great idea for featuring those "picture prints" of Dalmations.

This is a detail shot of Eleanor A.'s "Civil War Reproduction", which she made from a collection of fabrics she'd had for 15 years. The whole quilt is wonderful, but I wanted to point out the very well-chosen quilting pattern. The fan shapes work so nicely with the geometic squares, and it is the sort of all-over design that would have been used back in the mid-1800s.

I hope you enjoyed this first batch of All Star quilts. There are at least this many more to come, including entries in the Challenge category, "Birds of A Feather Quilt Together", the show's theme for 2010.

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Annette J said...

Okay, can I quilt make you cry a little? Because when I saw the quilts on your page they are so beautiful I actually got teary eyed. I subscribed and will come back again and again. Thanks for sharing!