Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping & Eating at the Paducah AQS show

I'm wrapping up my series of Paducah posts with two favorite topics: food & vendors!
The number one Must Eat every year is strawberry shortcake from the Boy Scouts Troop 200:
Get it with "the works"...whipped cream and ice cream!
This was right out in front of the Convention Center, where a large number of food vendors were set up along with a large white tent and lots of picnic tables. It made a great place to eat, meet friends, and just rest awhile. Do note the pot of geraniums...such a nice touch!
On the way downtown is a good restaurant called The Whalers Catch. They were also part of the "at the show" food service, with a set-up outside, and another inside the building.
I almost laughed my head off when I saw this:
Actually it's a good idea for keeping the shrimp on ice, but once they have been de-headed & cooked, I don't think they'll be swimming anywhere! 
This is one of many reasons to visit Cohen's downtown:
The world's fanciest chicken salad in a tomato! Ladies at the next table over were even looking at it! You can also get a traditional Kentucky Brown sandwhich here. Our waiter was a cute young guy, who said this was his first "Quilt Week" in Paducah. I am sure it was a real experience for him!
While we're downtown, it's time to get some PIE!
Who could resist that sign??? Besides we knew from previous visits that this place has the best pie, right on Broadway. What do you think:  
That is some real Coconut Cream Pie, warm from the oven! It was difficult not to drool on the postcards.
The little waitress was just so sweet, running back and forth to serve us coffee and pie. 
As we were leaving, I realized our pie indulgence had not gone un-noticed:
You never know who may see you through the window!
Road trips usually involve many stops at Cracker Barrel and Waffle House. It was a pleasure to eat at so many non-franchise places while we were in town. We also enjoiyed the Tribeca Mexican restaurant on Market Square and El Chico out by the interstate.
OK, enough food....let's see what was for sale with the vendors!
There are so many vendors at this show...I don't know how many! Hundreds! The rooms where the quilts are have vendors, and the big white Pavilion had maybe 100, and the Finkel Building ("Vendors on Kentucky" just a block past Broadway at the other end of Market Square) has a lot, too. And out at the Mall...and the Rotary Club show!
I am sure we saw them all, though I did not feel compelled to touch every fat quarter (which I did the very first time I went!).
It's not all fabric! This is Prized Possessions (from Texas). They make jewelry from antique buttons, and are the source of my vast collection of earrings. I buy from them at anytime I see them...and I'll see them again in September at QuiltFest here in Jacksonville, FL!
 Here are the high-end beautiful handbags and accessories of Laga Designs. These are made by people who were victims of the Tsunami in 2004.
Another group that has beautiful traditional handwork is the Hmong with their Pandou. It's sort of an applique & embroiderytechnique:
 What great little bags!
It's not a bad idea to do some gift long as I can remember where I've put these things when I need them!
Fabric is available by the bolt everywhere.....
 And if you need a new pattern, there is no shortage! All the latest designs are on display, along with established favorites. But what a thrill it is to see my own pattern right in the center of a vendor's wares!
Thank you, The Gypsy Quilter!  She carries all sorts of wonderful items for quilters, including a round purple pillow that helps your back, and lots of other ergomatic aids, rulers, and supplies.
Did you say you wanted some thread?
You can't beat the hand dyed threads & fabrics of Laura Wasilowski and ARTFABRIK.  I just love all those ladies from the Chicago area and the School of Fusing.
 My other favorite thread-of-all-kinds is this vendor:
Superior Threads has everything you need and the best customer service. Go visit their has everything you need to know about thread and needles!
So I bought some of the new Titanium needles (I'll let you know about those when I get a chance to sew!) 
I also got some Vanish washes out with water, just what I needed for making up kits for a "Trapunto By Machine"class in July.
Yes, I bought books (more on those later) but the last thing I want to share with you is that I bought my very first "jelly roll"! They have been all the rage for several years now, but I never bought one. I have shoeboxes full of my own 2-1/2" strips!
But since this year's show seemed to be All About Kaffe Fassett, I just had to buy one of the rolls of his fabric. It was a really good deal at Hancock's of Paducah!
You are absolutely right...that's not what you want to see!
THIS is what you want to see...
Now I need to think up a project...and I know if I need more Kaffe fabric, DeLuna may a piece or two...or entire collections!


Pat said...

What pattern of yours was at The Gypsy Quilter? Tell us more about your pattern. How about a pic?

Thank you, Sunnie, for taking the time, and the pics, to share Paducah with us. Was the chicken salad good? It sure looked purty!


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