Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quilt Studio: Fantasy vs Reality

It's true: quilters love "fantasy magazines"!
You know what I mean, the ones that show the winning quilts from Big Shows, make claims about "quick" and "easy", anything with paper-piecing a gazillion little bits (OK, that's just me.., some of you really are good at that!). We love to dream about The Perfect Quilt Life.
And just in time for our Summer-time fantasy reading, there is a new issue of Studios from Quilting Arts magazine (Interweave). I know, from subscribing to "The Quilting Daily" email that QA sends, which is sometimes an ad but often has very good tips.
The following are "Tips for Making Your Studio Unique" from the new magzine (as sent in The Quilting Daily today 5/20/10), and a few of my comments.
WARNING: some photos are not for the faint-of-heart

"Punch it up with bright colors"-- I believe they are referring to painting the walls, which would have to be done before the room was turned into a studio. Or maybe some painted furniture...that's good, as many of us have re-cycled items in use. But it's not going to get painted once it it is in the studio!
I say, punch it up with your own bright fabric, no doubt on display from being pulled for a project-in-process!
Yes, siree...there is nothing for decorating your studio like reurning home from Paducah and a retreat! The combination of purchases, multiple projects in progress, and inspiration (overload) is just divine!
(bright fabric was just pulled to complete the quilt top recently made with blocks from 1993!).

Use every inch of space-- What space? Oh, the space I already have filled up! If you've heard my lecture "Taming The Scrap Basket" you know Sunnie's Rule of Storage: All horizontal surfaces (including the floor) are storage spaces...until gravity takes over!

Carve out creative time-- Always excellent advice. Note the use of "carve", which Webster's Dictionary defines as "to cut with care and precision". Friends, be sure your knife is sharp, and carve out that creating time! I suggest you get it from house cleaning. Obviously, the amount of cleaning time I have should all be spent in the studio!

Get organized once and for all-- Being organized is good. Having a place for everything allows you to find it when needed, and put it back when you're done. Or when you finally get around to it....
 The "once and for all" is the fantasy here. There is no end to it! Organization is an on-going process...yeah, that's the ticket! Treat it as another hobby.
(Oh, no...I think I see some un-used wall space near the Kit Kat Clock! Quick...get the stick-on wall hooks!)

Bring the outside in-- If you work in a basement this is very important. You need some daylight bulbs, maybe a nice large picture of a meadow or garden. I am fortunate to have a wall of windows, and on the second floor, it's tree-top level.
And being large windows, I can usually see over the stuff stacked all around!
But they are also 100 year old casement windows, and I assure you...they definitely let the outside in!

Create all over the place--I've said it before and I'll say it again: you cannot justify the cost of purchasing dining room furniture unless you put that big table to good use! At my house, there is no telling what can end up on that table. You may remember this picture from two years ago:
Over all, it is good to be married to another creative person. You may have to fight for the use of the Big Table, but at least you can be forgiving when it's unavailable (sometimes for months...).

I do recommend the Studios magazine for some very good ideas & inspirations.
And the Spring issue (I believe) had Robbi Joy Eklow's studio.... I salute her for keeping it real in a world of  fantasy!
Do enjoy this magazine (and others). Then get into your studio and make art!
(well, after I manage to put a few things away..)


Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to take that KitKat Klock off your hands if you need the wall space for storage. LOL

Catherine said...

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. Thank you for mentioning Studios in your tongue-in-cheek (I think?) way. I also loved Robbi's "real" studio.

Cate Prato
Studios Editor

Sunnie said...

I got my hands on the Summer issue of Studios last night and it is full of great ideas and tips! And best of all...there are two studios that have *before* pictures!

Cherry-Cherry....that Kit Kat is the *only* purely decorative item in my studio! But if it ever needs a new home, I'll give you a call.
And by the's not running.

Gay said...

This is without a doubt the funniest thing that I have read in a very long time.

You'd think that with all my new space that it would be completely organized and tastefully decorated to a quilter's delight, however, you know different, don't you.

Some people have very wonderful friends that come to their house and clean and set up their studio.

Keep us laughing and informed!

Cheezdoodle said...

Thanks for the inspiration as I TRY to get it together! Everything else in the house is okay, but that studio is kickin' my hiney!

Karen said...

Guess we'll have to visit Sunnie's, Gay's and Julie's studios for the next All Star's house tours. Motivation is knowing that you're having visitors!
Studios is a great, fun magazine for anyone with space of their own! I love it!