Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quilts Upon the Suwannee River

I am home again after 5.5 days of fun with quilts & quilters at the Suwannee River Quilt Show, at the Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, FL.
That includes the two days it took to judge the show, and two days when I gave lectures. I'll have more to say about that, but meanwhile, how is this for a quilt show location?.....

No, it's not My Old Kentucky's the Museum!

There were quilts in several buildings, but let's take a peek inside here...

The spacious center hall allows visitors to walk along two rows of quilts

What an elegant setting for a show! This building was made to house a collection of antique pianos, and around the walls are dioramas honoring Stephen Foster's most famous songs...butI will save the history lessons for another post! I just wanted to give you a taste of this setting.

The Yellow Room at one end of the Museum...

This is the "Innovative" category, a good alternative term for "art quilts". Entries were mostly on the small size. Small quilts invite a close inspection...there is no place to hide imperfection!

....and the Pink Room is at the other end!

The rest of the quilts in the Museum were in the Medium Pieced category. Since this includes most lap quilts, the largest number of entries (48) showed up here.
There were 168 judged quilts, two challenge collections, and 11 vendors.

Check in again tomorrow for some more pictures, and perhaps my explaination (rant?) about Why Children's Quilts Should Not Be Judged!

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