Monday, October 13, 2008

MOMP Quilting Part II

MOMP quilting (My Own Mattress Pad) has turned out to to be aptly named. It is incredibly mattress-pad quality! And adding the "My Own" indicates it is completely my own fault!
At the top, you can see the wavy lines I chose for the border. This is about as "get-it-done" as possible. MOMP is merely a cute way of saying "utility quilting"!

But then, just because it's simple-minded, does not mean it is simple! Oh, no!

Although the intent here was to show a nice picture of how I chalk-marked the corner turn, I managed to capture a Big Mistake. I measured correctly on the right , but the new line across the bottom marks too wide a section, and won't give the proper space for coming around with the last line of quilting.
Very sad, especially when it is not discovered until some of the stitching (maybe 28"?) is done.
Even sadder when it happens twice!
I have two excellent seam rippers, and put them to good use. They deserve their own post!
Of course, I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in an item you never need....

To put the finishing touch on a truly MOMPish experience, here is the large pleat I discovered when I was sewing the binding! Totally disgusting!
This will entail removing three lines of quilting for about 8 to 12", plus the binding. Then I have to sneakily easy that fabric back in. If I can...
If worst comes to worst, I am thinking this would be an excellent place for a label!

My point in showing you all this nastiness is just to let you know it happens to don't take it personally when something goes wrong. There is not an award-winning quilt anywhere that doesn't have some "how I saved it" story!
Yet, we always think we will be making the perfect quilt when we start out....

So let's get some great fabric! There was a Big Sale going on at the local quilt shop this Saturday. $7/yd batiks!

This fat-quarter wants to be the background for some spectacular applique.

I got a yard of this one because I love anything in the entire blue-green range...

And this one is just so happy & festive looking, I got 3.5 yards!
Well, actually I got that much because Cherry-Cherry did.

Tomorrow I leave for Stephen Foster State Park and the Suwannee River Quilt Show.
168 quilts to judge! Two lectures to give! Fun to have with friends!
And by Sunday (if not before) I'll have pictures to share.

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