Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The National Survey of Quilting in America!

Every three years or so the quilting industry does a huge survey to find out who is quilting and--even more importantly---what does that person want, and how much will she spend? (I can ignore the occasional "he", so I'm sure the male quilters can ignore the "she" until English starts using some non-gender pronoun).
The DP Research firm starts with 20,000 surveys in general, then, of the people who call themselves "Dedicated Quilter", they send an in-depth survey to about 2,500.
I am a Dedicated Quilter!
My opinions:  Not 2 cents worth, but 100!
Have you ever received this survey? I have been in on it a couple times, but not for awhile.
In 2010 the dedicated quilter was female, age 62, had a higher education, and 2.7 sewing machines!
You can read more results here.

The survey has eight 2-sided pages, so there a lot of questions. I am happy to be part of this study, but some of those questions really cause some deep thought. When someone wants to know the total amount you spent on fabric in the last 12 months...and you've just been to Paducah...well! It can be close to soul-searching!
I'll be sure to fill it out honestly, and then mail it back before anybody else gets a glimpse! It is, fortunately, both confidential and anonymous!

And I will need to use that nice "dollar bill token of appreciation" for my "efforts" to get a big chocolate candy bar.

The results usually come out for Quilt Market in the Fall...until then, when I come to an interesting question, I'll share with you.

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