Sunday, August 26, 2012

Countdown to Quilt Show!

This is the last week that does not have an official QuiltFest event scheduled before the show opens Thursday, September 20.
A week from Saturday is Turn-In Day, and I am heading up one of the locations where quilters will bring their entries.
"Smells fine and has no pet hair!" 
Basically that means I get to lug tables around and set up the room, but there will be plenty of helpers! And if anyone has questions, well, you know I am full of opinions!
Each quilt is removed from it's bag (let's hope everyone has a BIG bag this year!) and checked over: Does it look OK? Stains or pet hair? Is the hanging sleeve stitched on? Is it the correct size for the category it's in?
We can't do anything about stains except note them, so we are not blamed when the quilt is returned. If there's pet hair, we have a sticky lint roller!(also great for loose threads).  If the quilt has "an odor", judging it has sheets over & under it to protect the other quilts.
Sometimes a quilt is moved to a different category due to the size. Very rarely it gets moved because the maker confused how much applique or piecing was done, or we find out a Young Quiltmaker (age 18 & under) really wants to compete for a prize....or a relative has helped so much that the quilt needs to go in the Duet category (two makers)!
Mostly though, we try to go with the category the maker entered in.

Next comes Judging for 2--3 days.
A category on tables, ready for the judge.
Judging is a lot of work for teams of people...quilts going in and out of their bags, tables set up, scribes taking down what the judge says, awards being decided, and all has to kept in order so quilts are not misplaced.
It's a great way to have a sneak peek at the show, and to learn from the comments.
BUT, what happens at Judging, stays at Judging!

Then it's down to the Convention Center to hang the quilts.
Thank goodness the pipe & drape is done by professionals!
QuiltFest invested in a new hanging system a couple years ago that is worth every penny. The hanger is like a curtain rod and goes on hooks, with cords and pulleys. It used to take an entire day to hang the show. Now it's done by early afternoon. It seems pretty slick, but that is thanks to a lot of organization by many people all the way along.

The next day vendors come in to set up their "booths of temptation", and members of QuiltFest guilds bring in quilts to sell.
Quilts for sale: all sizes and types!
This is a great place to buy a quilt at a very good price. There are also some antique quilts for collectors, and quilt tops. Sometimes there are purses and bags. My guild is in charge of this booth on Thursday afternoon...stop by and let us show you some fantastic holiday gifts!

Then comes the Preview Party (Wed. Sept. 19) and the show opens and it's a mad rush of happy quilters until it all has to be taken down. You can follow along here as I (over)do each activity...but if you can make it to the show, that's the best!
I hope to see you there...

Now back to quilting my sale items!

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