Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quilt Shop visit: A Scarlet Thread

Finally, I was able to visit A Scarlet Thread in McDonough, Georgia!
Every time I drive through Atlanta I see the billboard about this wonderful shop...and never has it been a time when I could stop. Last year at QuiltFest shop owners Ken & Karen Taylor had a lovely booth that inspired me even more to visit...yet two more trips passed by with no luck!
So, finally on the way to the IQA show in Cincinnati I was able to stop...with sidekick Cherry-Cherry!
A Scarlet Thread is only 2 miles from I-75 exit 221 near Atlanta
Loaded with fabric of all kinds and decorated with great imagination, it's easy to see why this large shop will be featured in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Quilt Sampler magazine! 
Can't miss this display!
Right inside the front door we saw that quilts were definitely under construction here! We had a very friendly greeting from Gail to be sure we knew where to find all the various fabrics, machines, and patterns.
Instant selection for 5-Yard Quilts
I bet plenty of people don't get any farther that the beautiful display of coordinated packets for the popular 5-Yard Quilts! What instant gratification. Yet we moved on, as our time was limited...especially for such an expanse of fabric!
These are from Cleo's Designs....gorgeous!
Cherry-cherry can't miss a giant flower, and these beauties were hung back-to-back with two more designs. Because I forgot to write down the pattern names, I went to the shop's website and discovered a huge inventory! The flower patterns are by Cleo's Designs.
Bolts, and fat quarters and samples everywhere!
A Scarlet Thread has fabric for ever sewist & quilter, including Minkee, extra-wide backing, and reproduction fabrics. I was delighted to find a whole wall of polka dots!
Cue the accordion!
Faithful readers know that at this point I became absorbed in looking at fabric and not thinking about my camera anymore! So I missed getting pics of the adorable huge flower-shaped floor pillow and the to-die-for white lighting fixture that resembles a snowflake or Sputnik (sharp eyed shopper C.C. says it is from IKEA!).
There's also a very generous sized class space with a kitchen counter...who wouldn't want to hole up here for a day?
But we only had an hour, and a quickly spent one at that! After a keep-it-moving tour of the entire place, we came back around to the display by the door.
Pick a pattern, pick a pack...make a quilt!
Our last bit of time was spent examining the batik section and making a few purchases...the IQA show we were headed to would require some of our resources!

I hope to make a return trip this wonderful shop, possibly with more friends. Karen says an advanced notice for a group of 5 or more will allow them to plan some special treats!
A Scarlet Thread is open every day except Sunday.

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