Monday, July 11, 2011

The Pot Holder Pile in Action

I had a birthday last month, and in good Hobbit-style celebrating, we ate lots of food and I gave my friends presents...potholders!
These are functional pot holders: made to be used until disgusting, and then thrown away! No life in a drawer for these guys.
The blocks are left overs from a Quilt In A Day class several years ago. The bindings are strips from a Kaffe Fassett jelly-roll!
But it's the backing that's the real thing:
Nice thick terry cloth! (yes...left over from the towel-apron I made for the Velda Newman class in April...).
You don't have to admit it, but if you are like me in the kitchen, then a handy potholder will get used for any purpose whatever. That includes wiping up a spill!
How much quilting is in these little helpers?
Exactly what you see here. One line to hold the 3 layers together.
Yes, it is wavy because then you can tell it was not even meant to be straight!
I thought about putting a hanging loop on. But then I didn't intend for these to be hung up and shown off!
I hope my friends are enjoying the potholders and giving them a brief but fun life in the kitchen.

A pot holder or a pillowcase...sometimes a quick-yet-useful project is just the thing to get you back into the creative mood again!


Anonymous said...

I am still trying to get my mind around using the machine to finish the second side of the binding instead of doing it by hand. Do you have a tutorial for that, or a pointer to one? Thanks.


Sunnie said...

Your wish is my command! I have been thinking of doing a tute for away I go to the studio. And what makes a good sample for a quilt technique?
Yep...a potholder!