Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Bright Idea for Quilting

One of my favorite quilting supply sales is when the Big Box store has 50% off the Notions Wall. That was the case last weekend, when Cherry-Cherry & I found a really good deal: the Dritz Flexible LED Light. I had not expected to see something like that on the Notions Wall!
After you reach "a certain age" (yes, and even before!) having good lighting at your sewing machine is a real help.

I like the way this light can be mounted on the end of my machine. It will slip out of the holder if I want to use it someplace else, but the 13" flexible neck allows me to direct the light exactly where I want it.
It runs on 3 AA batteries, and will work for 10,000 hours before it dies completely...according to the package.
There is another similar and more expensive light on the market. It has the advantage of running on a cord you can plug in, so it's not considered disposable. I can't handle another electric cord in my sewing room, though!
So far so good...the purple color pleases me (CC got the turquoise one, and it also comes in magenta). But I think I like the 50% off price best!

Oh, yes...the quilt I'm working on...not hard to guess it is another UFO! I have been meaning to finish it and write the pattern for about, ummmm....10 years? It's pretty bad when you can't even remember!
As usual, a deadline is a great help, so the plan is to have this ready for QuiltFest in September.
But I promise you will get to see both the quilt and the pattern here first!

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Terri said...

I hope you were motivated to finish the borders…...